You must check out the permissions of your smartphone’s apps.

You must check out the permissions of your smartphone’s apps.

In today’s world where the technology has reached an advanced level and still going to another next level that we can’t even imagine. Everything in today’s life has come on the internet in the form of data. Our almost all the information has exposed online directly or indirectly. Whether it’s our phone number, mobile number, corresponding address, our photos and many more. So, What are you doing about your privacy? First of all, you must check out the permissions of your smartphone’s apps for that.

What are you doing for your data privacy?

So we and our information become no more private. We cant do nothing more for that. We have to provide our information to the service provider for a particular service otherwise we cant use that service any more. So what can we do to limit our privacy? Today I’m gonna discuss that. So let’s get started.

Nowadays we do almost everything by the mobile, it can be any service like social networking, internet surfing, banking services like fund transferring and many more. We do all these kinds of stuff on our smartphones, Right…? So being secure must be our primary concern. Shouldn’t be?

What can you do?

So what do you do for that? Nothing….confused….? I will tell you some basic stuff by which you can curtail the risk of being exposed. The first method I’ve already discussed in the earlier article, go here to check out.

The second one is little tricky (but not so tricky) but worth it. We do almost all the above-mentioned stuff by the smartphones with the particular mobile application of the service. We use Facebook, WhatsApp etc. for the social network, for fund transfer we use BHIM, PhonePe etc apps. We almost do every task with the specific app for that service.

When you install an application and open it, It asks for the permissions and you gave all the permission in all of a sudden without analyzing it. Here you do a blunder. You should check these permissions before allowing. When you give these permissions, the apps collect all the information about you and even collect on their servers, like what are you surfing, your contact information etc.

What should we do with the apps?

Some apps like Facebook even collect your all the sensitive information like call logs, SMS records, and your location and collect on their servers and in the recent past around 87 million users data has been leaked from their server and all the users’ data was compromised. So we can’t trust any applications anymore. We have to secure our data by ourselves.

How can we do that?

You can and you should restrict the apps permissions of all the apps installed on your smartphone. You can do it by manually. For this, you can go to the privacy settings and apps permissions settings in the settings of your mobile and can grant only those which are necessary to run the apps without any issue and should restrict all the sensitive info which you don’t want to share. With this handy method, you can restrict or lower the risk of your data breach and can use the internet without the risk of being compromised.

So go to your smartphone immediately and check the permissions and play with these settings to secure yourselves otherwise you can be the next victim of any controversy. I hope you like this info, please do share with your friends and family and can ask any question regarding this.


Thank you.

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