Will your Mobile SIM number change to 13 digits SIM in India soon?
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Will your Mobile SIM number change to 13 digits SIM in India soon?

There has a lot of buzz and panic is created among all the Indian mobile users, when the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) issued a statement that all the mobile SIM numbers will change to 13 digits SIM from 10 digits in India and this order will be effective from 1st July 2018 and the deadline will be 31 December 2018. Then they again issued a notice that the migration will take place from October 2018.

As soon as this news published, the panic became create around all news channels and the social media platforms and this news spread like a wildfire around in all India. Even you would have also panicked. Wasn’t it? It’s not a surprise, even I had become panic.

But soon I have sorted out this rumored news. So I would like to share the same with you.

First of all, I have a good news for you that your mobile numbers will not change to 13 digits, so take a chill pill.

So you would have a doubt that was this news fake? So again I remind you that it wasn’t a fake news. What…..? Are you kidding me?

The above-mentioned news regarding SIM number change is for the M2M(Machine to machine) sim numbers not for the (P2P- person to person) SIM numbers that we use.

Those who don’t know about the M2M, I would like to throw some light on that. M2M communication also termed as MTC- Machine Type Communication uses different types of electronic devices and electronic meters etc. Just like sim for our mobile devices many electronic devices and meters also use sim cards and this news was all about it.

So I hope all your doubts have been trashed. So you shouldn’t take a headache and shouldn’t believe in any rumors.

I hope guys you like this information and has cleared your doubts? If it is so, then please share this information with your friends and relatives. Stay tuned for more informative news.


Thank you.

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