WhatsApp’s native feature you wouldn’t know.

WhatsApp’s native feature you wouldn’t know.

WhatsApp has now become an integrated part of our life. It’s a fact that we can’t live without it, whether it’s a couple of hours or even a moment of time. By anyhow we use it.

This tech giant has already affected our lives in a great amount, and we can’t ignore that fact. Almost everyone uses this messaging app a lot and frequently. As you already know that this app has tons of back-end features like the end to end encryption, video calls etc. which make this app even more powerful.

Like many of you have been already turned into a pro in this app definitely. But only a few of those will know this simple but still a great native feature by which you can enhance your message writing skill and tease up some of your friends.

So don’t waste any time further and let’s get started.

The feature I’m talking about is you can write any message in three different styles i.e bold, italic and error message.

Let me explain if you want to turn any simple message into a special one. You have to write text in a different manner. By default, you can’t write any message in a bold, italic etc. Here I’m not talking about copy and paste or anything else. I’m talking about the genuine messaging, i.e yours.

How to write text in bold?

Enclosed any text message in between two asterisks (*) sign.

Like this: *www.knowledgeimporter.com*

How to write text in italic?

Enclosed the text in between two underscores (_) sign.

Like this: _www.knowledgeimporter.com_

How to write a special error message?

Enclosed the message in between two similarly (~) sign.

Like this: ~www.knowledgeimporter.com~

That’s it.

So just go guys and try this one. Please tell me in the comment section that did you already know it or not?


Thank you

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