What is VPN? Why you must use it?

What is VPN? Why you must use it?

In today’s world, almost every work of our life has become dependent on the internet. Whether it’s our official work or casual work such as our daily work everything has been shifted to the digital world. Nowadays, we use the internet for almost everything. If we want to recharge our mobile, pay the electricity bills, broadband bills even gas bills, send or receive money through internet banking or mobile banking, we use the internet.

We use social media almost every moment, use email for communication, surf the internet, use smart messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Share lots of data in various forms like images, videos, digital confidential information and store our important data in digital form in cloud services like Google drive, One drive etc.

So everything is going in digital form. So what do you think about your privacy? Most of the people assume that their privacy is maintained because they use anti-malware and antivirus software on their digital machines like PC’s, notebooks and smartphonesSo privacy must be your first and last priority. Shouldn’t be?

So what do you do for that? Confused…..

Let me clarify that on the internet you are no longer be private in any way. Whatever you are doing on the internet whether it’s surfing or chatting on social media. Yes, it’s 100% true. Anyone can leak your data even a trusted tech giant like Facebook did recently. So how can you be so sure about privacy? You can’t do much about 100% privacy. It doesn’t exist in reality. But you can control it for sure by doing some stuff. So let’s talk about this.

What is VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network which creates a virtual tunnel between the user and source, means whatever information we (user) access from a particular website (source), It goes in encrypted data form.

It means whatever we surfed was encrypted. And no one can track you what did you surf, you can surf the internet anonymously. It doesn’t mean you can’t be tracked never but encrypted data is still very hard to track. Our banking services and all the payments services use encryption, means the data exchange between you and your bank is encrypted.

They locate their servers in different locations in multiple countries. You can connect to the internet via any country besides your native country. That also means that you can access any website which is censored in your country.

Where can I get VPN? How could I use?

You can get the VPN from your smartphones from smartphone OS platforms like Google play store and apple play store and even from the provider official websites, and you can use it on your computers as well.

VPN services come free with some limitations and paid as well. Like Opera VPN, it’s totally free and from a trusted firm. There are tons of apps in play store, you can use anyone of your choice. But with paid services, there are no such things. Paid services are on monthly, quarterly or annually depends on your VPN provider. So you can use VPN on the basis of your uses, but I recommend you to use paid version if you can afford it, after all, it’s about your privacy.

So that’s it guys, this is a short description of VPN and its uses. I hope you like it, then don’t forget to share and subscribe to it. If you have any query regarding VPN, then please ask in the comment section.

Thank you.

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