What is SSL? Why is it so important for any website?

What is SSL? Why is it so important for any website?

Hii to all my fellow learner, all of you must use the internet on your laptops, desktops, and on your smartphones as well for the browsing, transfer funds, recharge your mobile accounts and broadband connections, shopping online, log in to your mail accounts, and many more. But you ever think that whatever you do on the internet, is it secure enough…?? Today I will discuss, What is SSL? Why is it so important for any website or blog? So tighten your seat belts and let’s go for a roller coaster ride.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the upgraded version of SSL known as TLS (Transport Layer Security), It is a technology to provide and establish a secure connection between a server and a client. The connection can be between a web server and a browser (like between this website and you), or between an email server and an email client ( like Outlook).

Normal data transfers between a web server and client through a plain text which can be very easy to read/hack by any pro hacker and your sensitive data like your credit card numbers, your banking details, your username and passwords and a lot more data can leak and make you vulnerable to steal your digital information. You can be a victim of cybercrime.

But in an SSL connection, all above sensitive information is in encrypted form and almost impossible to read the data transferred between you and the server. More specifically, SSL is a security protocol. It describes how algorithms should be used. In this case, the SSL protocol determines variables of the encryption for both the link and the data being transmitted.

Nowadays almost all browsers capable of interacting with secured web servers using the SSL protocol. However, the browser and the server need an SSL Certificate to be able to establish a secure connection. You must have seen a green address bar (https) or a green padlock icon on any website like this blog. This ensures you that all your information is encrypted and secure.

What is an SSL certificate?

To provide an SSL connection for your website, you must have installed an SSL certificate on your web server issued by a CA (Certificate Authority). To get an SSL certificate, you must raise a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server. This process creates a private key and public key on your server. Once you get your SSL certificate you can install it on your server and ensure your clients or users to feel safe and secure.

Let me remind you one thing that anyone can make an SSL certificate and can install it but browsers only recognize the certificates that come from an organization listed on their trusted CA’s list.

You have already visited a lot of websites and blogs till so far without aware of this, but next time If you visit any website and share any sensitive information, make sure that the website is certified by SSL. By the way, you can create and run a website which doesn’t have green (https) padlock without any major issue but in today’s digital world security must be your primary concern whether you are an owner or client (user) of a website. It’s your duty to provide a secure environment to your client.

I hope you have now understood the SSL and its importance in the digital world. If you still have any question regarding SSL, please ask in the comment section below.


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