What is Google’s Project Treble & how will it be a life savior for Android?

What is Google’s Project Treble & how will it be a life savior for Android?

Today I will talk about, What is Google’s Project Treble and how will it be a life savior for Android? To bring the updates frequently to the Android devices become a very difficult job for the OEMs manufacturers. Google is very fast to releasing its source code and always releases its source code openly as soon as its ready. So you will be thinking that where does the delay happen really? I have an answer to clear your doubts. Let’s find out.

Steps involve bringing updates

To bring the updates is not as easy as it seems. Here are the steps to bring an update to an Android device.

  • Code release: Android releases its source code.
  • Hardware compatibility: Various SoCs manufacturers like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung etc. modify the codes and make it to boot and compatible with their hardware.
  • OEM manufactures modification: OEM’s manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. further modify the codes to make it compatible to run their own software.
  • Testing phase: Then testing starts before public release.
  • Final release: This release reaches to the users via OTA in various phase.

The whole process involves a long span of time sometimes it can be a year or more when the updates push by manufacturers but till then Google has already released their next OS, and again the Android devices fall short to get the latest OS updates on time.

What is Google’s Project Treble?

To cope up with these steps and to bring the updates to the Android devices fast and frequently, Android introduced the Project Treble from the release of Oreo 8.0.

Google introduced a way to handle this situation which they call it Vendor Interface. Google separated the Android framework from vendor implementation. So now the OEM (vendor) providers can modify their codes separately without depending on the silicon manufacturers and can update their framework OS codes to run the latest OS on their devices.

Image source-XDA Developers

By the implementation of vendor interface the OEM’s manufacturers can understand what they need to implement to run their software and Google services on their latest updates.

A boon for low range Android devices

Project treble proves to be a boon for the low-range and mid-range Android devices, which generally don’t get any major OS upgrades after launch. the project is in the early stage of its phase so, we can see the results in the near future. This project also proved to become a lifeline to the custom ROM community.

So we can say that we will definitely see the fast and frequent updates in the Android devices including low-range and mid-range.

So this was a short introduction to the Project Treble. I hope you got it. If you still have any doubts and queries then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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