What is custom ROM? How it’s different from preloaded(stock) ROM in mobiles.

What is custom ROM? How it’s different from preloaded(stock) ROM in mobiles.

Have you ever fed up totally with your bloated smartphones? If yes, then this article is just for you. Here I will discuss, What is custom ROM? How it’s different from preloaded(stock) ROM in mobiles and its advantages over preloaded ROMs by your smartphone manufacturers.

What is custom ROM?

Custom ROMs are the aftermarket open source firmware which provides unlimited freedom and flexibility to play with your phone and customize it at your own desire. You can change your boot logo, boot animation and many more things that you can’t even imagine, and of course, uninstall bloated (unnecessary) software which can’t be uninstalled on stock ROM generally. By the way, you can root your phone for this purpose but rooting stock ROM causes many issues.

Lineage OS(formerly CyanogenMod) is the leading community to distribute the latest updates of the most popular Android OS for various devices officially. There are others communities as well but the Lineage OS is the most popular of all.

Where can I get custom ROMs?

You can get custom ROMs of your phone from one of the biggest web forum in the technical world for the developers and by the developers, XDA Developers. You can also get it from the various sources but I will recommend you to go to XDA-forum.

Can I make a custom ROM for my phone personally?

Let me again remind you the important thing that Android is a partially open source software not completely, owned by the biggest tech giant Google. Open source software means anyone can use the software source code and can make any customizations at his desire with the knowledge and experience in codes and can make a custom OS for his device personally. You can download the Android’s source code from Google’s official website and can customize the codes and make your own custom ROM.

What should I do to install custom ROMs on my phone?

First of all custom ROMs are not for everyone, it’s only for the technical geeks who want to explore the power of Android. So please stay away from it if you don’t know about it. At first, you need to unlock the bootloader on your phone and a custom recovery installed such as TWRP and a working custom ROM, whether it’s from the XDA forum or made by your own.

How it’s different from stock ROM?

Custom ROMs are different from stock ROMs in many aspects. It doesn’t have any custom layer skin which generally shipped with stock ROM i.e Miui Stock ROMs are bloated by software which you never use but you can’t uninstall it due to limitations. That’s why stock ROMs are generally very big in size, multiple times than custom ROMs.

But on other hand custom ROMs are very small in size, therefore, very snappy and you possess full control over what do you want to install. Here I am taking an example of mine.

Screenshot of mine custom ROM

I am using custom ROMs since my first Android phone. Currently, I’m using a custom ROM on my Xiaomi Redmi 3S almost by a year. The stock ROM size of mine is around 1.5 GBs but the custom ROM size is around 600 MBsAnd I have used it on my previous devices as well. I’ve also contributed something very little to my device’s forum on XDA check here.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about custom ROMs, please ask in the comment section below.


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