What is an inverter AC? Does it work on the inverter?

What is an inverter AC? Does it work on the inverter?

Today I have a very common but simple question to you that What is an inverter AC? Does it work on the inverter? Nowadays if you live in the Northern region of India then you must need an AC at least in your home to feel calm and cool in your home otherwise you’ll be turned into a toast soon. Ha…ha… The weather is going to be hotter and hotter day by day.

If you already have installed then you are in a heaven at least by now. But if you have determined to buy and install for the first time then you must have come across some very common questions regarding this. I don’t talk about that all questions but if you are a regular TV or mobile TV viewer then you must have heard about the inverter ACs?

So today I am gonna discuss that. So don’t waste any time further. Let’s get started. As the name suggests, it’s an inverter AC and should be operated on the inverter, Right….? Wrong….Ha…ha…. again. So first of all, you have to understand the working of non-inverter AC.

How normal AC works?

When normal AC (non-inverter AC) cools the room and as soon as the temperature reaches the temperature set by you. The compressor of the AC shutdowns completely. But again as the time progresses and the temperature of the room rises again the compressor of the AC again switch on and maintain the temperature again. And this process continuous further. This is how a normal AC works. So in shutting down and switching on the compressor, again and again, lots of electricity consumes and make the normal ACs, a money hogger.

What is an inverter AC and how does it work?

Now here comes the main part that inverter AC doesn’t have an inverter at all and doesn’t work on inverter either. Inverter AC works like the normal AC but in the inverter AC when the temperature of the room reaches to the preset temperature, the compressor doesn’t shut down but it reduces its speed and again when the temperature rises a bit, it again starts to work on its normal speed.

This process continues and the temperature of the room maintained. By this process, the inverter ACs save a lot of money in the form of electricity. Inverter ACs are much costlier than the normal ACs and come in the different forms like window ACs and split ACs.

Energy efficient…..?

Do you still have a doubt that how it can be energy efficient when it never shut down? I tell you with a simple practical example. If you have a laptop and you use it frequently then it is better not to shut down every time but you can just close the lid to put into sleep mode. By this, you can save much battery instead of open and shut down again and again because processor require so much energy to start it and you are doing that frequently. The same concept applies to your AC as well.

I think you have got the point and all your doubts have been cleared. So just rush to your nearest shop to buy your first inverter AC, But if you still have any doubt regarding the concept of ACs then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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