The height of foolishness!

The height of foolishness!

Today’s article will be different from the previous ones but it has a lot of knowledge and science involved. Its gonna be a little bit lengthy, so enjoy it with a cup of coffee. In today’s post, we will discuss height of foolishness! So don’t waste any time further, let’s get started.

You are so smart!

How smart are you? How stupid I’m. What a silly or stupid question I’m asking. Of course, you are so smart and intelligent and no one can make you fool. Right…….? Wait…..wait……..

Let me take an example. If I said to you that you don’t have to worry about your exam and you will pass it. Will you believe me? Of course not. You know it very well that if you want to pass the exam, only you have to perform well to pass it, otherwise there is no chance to pass it, even God can’t help you. You know that, so what’s special in it? Huh….? Hold on.

Let me take another example. If I said that if you want to become rich then put a red piece of cloth in your pocket every time and soon you gonna be rich. Then you definitely gonna be out of your mind and you wanna beat me, of course. You also know it very well that if you want to be a rich person then you have to do a lot of extraordinary work and other things as well for that. There is no another single way to become a rich. You have to work very hard to earn it. Let me remind you that I’m not talking about any illegal shortcuts.

One more. Let’s take another example. Suppose you have cancer. So what will you do to treat it? If I said that take that ash and take three pinches of doses of it regularly around a month and you gonna be absolutely fit and fine definitely, then this time you gonna be kill me for sure. Huh….?

If you want to come out from cancer then you have to follow the specialist doctor’s prescription and have to go through the standard treatment process for that. That is the only way to escape from it. Otherwise, no one, I repeat no one can save you from death. Above were just a few examples, but there are tons of more examples out there.

The height of foolishness!

Now here comes the bummer. So what happens to your intelligence and so-called smartness when you go to the imposters ***mi, *a*a or whatever you say, if you are in deep trouble or the same type of situation mentioned above and do the exact same above without asking any question, which you refused to do suggested by me. Real strange……..Reason yet to be unknown.

The scientific explanation

I will tell you and try to explain the logic behind this. Believe me or not science has logical and scientific explanations for almost everything happening in the world if you want to know and understand the reality. So this situation has also a straight and logical explanation.

So this is just a human psychology nothing more. According to the psychology, a human brain is more vulnerable to make it fool when it is broken and in deep trouble. So anyone can manipulate it when someone traps in it. Because when we are in trouble then our logical part of the brain stops acting. Because our brain operates on a very less amount of power (around 15 W), so it always takes shortcuts to come out from the trouble. That’s the reason we always try to find shortcuts.

Why you go and follow the *a*a?

As I said because you want to come out from the trouble as soon as possible and unfortunately there is no shortcut for this. Then here comes the role of imposter *a*a to play. When you hear about them and their false miracles from some of their agents, your broken vulnerable brain force you to go to them.

When you go to them, they said to you that take this ash or some kind of other stuff and within 15-30 days your problem gets solved or start to getting solved. And after some time it starts to happen as the days progresses and you think that some miracle is happening and you start to go to him and follow him blindly without knowing the truth. And from there you have been trapped in their realm forever.

But the truth is, he did nothing but fooled you and played with your psychology. When you are in trouble and struggling to find a way, then by your constant struggling the trouble gets solved after some time automatically and you think that the trouble got solved by the ash or other things given by imposter *a*a, but the truth is, it is solved by your constant struggling, nothing else.

On other hands, according to psychology if a human practice any specific task more than 20+ continuous days, then that task involves in our habit and habitual tasks feel comfortable to us, then that specific task now seems solved.

Just believe in you

So we start to think that our problems have been solved by the ash or whatever, and we start to trust and follow them blindly without knowing this simple psychology. So stop believing and following such type of craps. You are the only and only solver of your problems.

So if you want to escape from this or that type of situation ever in your life then follow my HW5-mantra. Wait….wait….. it’s not any sorcery type of mantra but just a basic of life i.e How, Why, When, Where, Who, Which. If you implement this mantra in your life then nobody can fool you. Just believe in you and almighty God nothing else.

I hope now you have been got this and understand the simple logical explanation of the human psychology. Then please share it with those who need it. And if you still have any doubt then head towards the God because now only he can explain you.


Thank you.

Anil Kashyap

I want to explore new things every single moment of life. Life motto: Learn and teach as much as you can until your last breath.

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