Legitimate ways to dismiss a batsman in Cricket?

You must have played gully cricket during childhood. Isn’t it? Especially, if you are an Indian. Literally, this game blazes in DNA of every Indian. Some rules of gully cricket were weird or literally horrible, like one tip one hand out, seriously?. A batsman will declare out if the ball goes inside any houses around us, what? and many more like that. Quite interesting but how beautiful days were they? Isn’t it? But the rules of dismissals in international cricket is quite a bit different and typical too than our own. Haa…haa…So in today’s article, we will discuss all the legitimate ways to dismiss a batsman. So without any further ado, let’s get started.


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What is reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from conventional swing?

What is the reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from the conventional swing? How many of you people used to play and watch cricket? How stupid I’m. In India cricket is a kind of religion. And almost everybody uses to love watching cricket whether he played it or not in his entire life. (more…)

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