WhatsApp’s native feature you wouldn’t know.

WhatsApp has now become an integrated part of our life. It’s a fact that we can’t live without it, whether it’s a couple of hours or even a moment of time. By anyhow we use it. (more…)

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Chrome flags-A key to give Chrome browser new life.

Who knows about the Chrome flags? Very few, Right? But almost everyone who uses the internet knows about the Chrome browser and must have been used it on the PCs, laptops etc. and on your smartphones as well whether its iOS or Android. Google Chrome by the tech giant Google, is the most popular browser currently in the world no doubt about that. (more…)

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What is reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from conventional swing?

What is the reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from the conventional swing? How many of you people used to play and watch cricket? How stupid I’m. In India cricket is a kind of religion. And almost everybody uses to love watching cricket whether he played it or not in his entire life. (more…)

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Megapixels can be deceptive!

What is the first thing strike into your mind when you go to buy a new smartphone, there will so many different answers based on your interest but one thing comes always first, that is more megapixels camera in the phone. Yes after so much evolution in the digital technology smartphone’s camera has improved a lot and can capture the as good photos as DSLRs. But can the smartphone camera replace the DSLR or megapixels can be deceptive? You are in the right place to get all your answers. So don’t waste any time further, let’s get started. (more…)

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What is VPN? Why you must use it?

In today’s world, almost every work of our life has become dependent on the internet. Whether it’s our official work or casual work such as our daily work everything has been shifted to the digital world. Nowadays, we use the internet for almost everything. If we want to recharge our mobile, pay the electricity bills, broadband bills even gas bills, send or receive money through internet banking or mobile banking, we use the internet. (more…)

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Killing apps recent/cache frequently saves your smartphone’s battery. Myth buster series-3

This is the third post of the myth buster series regarding smartphone’s battery myths. In this post we gonna discuss the very common myth i.e killing apps recent/cache frequently saves your smartphone’s battery. So don’t waste any time further. Let’s get started. (more…)

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