Opera browser-An ultimate browser with built-in VPN.

Opera browser-An ultimate browser with built-in VPN.

Suppose, you are doing a job in your room and suddenly anyone come and sees what you are doing. Then you become very much annoyed and upset because everybody wants some privacy and space, whatever you were doing is no more private, you better understand it. Here I am talking about the confidential official projects and other kinds of stuff and important things.

The same thing applies to the internet surfing. We all use internet for almost every work now and then. And we also want that no one stalk and spy on you and your work, but unfortunately whatever we do on the internet is no more private. Your browser or app which you are using knows whatever you surf, access any information etc. Yes, your browser and even your internet service provider (ISP) know exactly what you surf and search on the internet. Obviously, everyone wants to be private and secure in the digital world so no one could intrude your privacy. Privacy is your right and privacy should be your primary concern.

So what should you do to be private?

As I have talked in my one of the earlier post that you must use a VPN server on your computer and smartphones as well to be secure and less vulnerable. If you have not read that article then please go to the article and read it.

Still, If you can’t install a VPN on your laptops and PCs and still you want to be secure and private then I have good news for those who surf internet mostly on the laptops and desktops. Luckily there is a browser available for the computer platform which has a built-in VPN. There can be more browsers available with that feature but you can’t trust on all of that without analyzing it. But the browser I am talking about is very trustworthy and one of the most popular browsers in the internet browsers industry.

The browser I am talking is Opera browser. Yes, the Opera browser for desktop has an integrated VPN in it, by which you can surf or browse the internet on the computer without the risk of being vulnerable and exposed. To use the VPN feature you have to download the latest opera installer from the official website if you have already installed then make sure you are using the latest version otherwise update it immediately to the latest version.

How to use?

Once you installed.

  •  Access the settings option in the browser.
  • Under the privacy & security hood, you will find an option to enable the VPN.
  • Just enable it and bingo.
Opera setting option 1
Opera setting option 2

If you will browse the internet, you will see a VPN symbol in the address bar.

So just go and install the Opera browser and use it. Unfortunately this built-in feature only available for the desktop platform, not for the mobile platform but you can use other VPN apps for the smartphones.

I hope you would like the article If you still have any doubt regarding anything then feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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