Killing apps recent/cache frequently saves your smartphone’s battery. Myth buster series-3

Killing apps recent/cache frequently saves your smartphone’s battery. Myth buster series-3

This is the third post of the myth buster series regarding smartphone’s battery myths. In this post we gonna discuss the very common myth i.e killing apps recent/cache frequently saves your smartphone’s battery. So don’t waste any time further. Let’s get started.

The myth

Whenever your smartphone starts to lag a little bit, what do you do? You clean your recent apps drawer and also clear the cache memory. After doing this you notice that your phone starts to work snappier than before. Of course, it’s true because of the more free RAM available for the tasks.

Recent app drawer

But most of the people think that clearing the apps recent drawer and cache memory on the frequent basis will save the more battery power. Many people do that like they are playing a game and clear their recent drawer millions of time in a minute. Ha…ha…( sarcasm, but its true). But let me clear the thing that doing so will not save your battery power but it will be reversed means yours phone’s battery will drain rapidly. Confused…..? Don’t worry I’m here to help.

The logic

So here is the logical explanation of the myth. Actually, you have been missing and forgetting a very key point that you owned a smartphone and smartphone are already optimized for such type of tasks. When you have so many apps in the app drawer after using then after when your phone is in an idle condition, your smartphone automatically optimized the recent drawer and uses almost no power, when you again access the used app it will not start from the fresh and saves some battery. This process applies to all the recent apps you used commonly.

Recent apps drawer/cache memory

When you kill an app from the recent app drawer and again opens it will use more power than the app which does open from the recent. And when you do that frequently, all the apps open freshly so obviously processor draws more power from the battery. The whole thing does the same for the cache memory also and applicable for it,

So don’t kill the recent drawer frequently, that doesn’t mean that you should never clear the recent and the cache memory. You should do it when it requires. You can clear the recent when you don’t use your phone for a long time(during idle hours). You can and you should clear the cache memory only when you feel your smartphone little bit laggy, otherwise doing this will not gonna beneficial in any manner.

Many people use different kinds of battery apps for this to clear the cache on regular basis. These apps continuously run in the background and clear the cache memory at regular intervals. But in actual these kinds of apps does not save your smartphone battery but may harm your battery and phone as well due to continuous running in the background, so stay away from these kinds of apps.

I hope you have got the logic behind that and the myth regarding this have burst also. If you still have any doubt regarding this, you can ask in the comment section below.


Thank you.

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