How does bottom freezer refrigerator work?

How does bottom freezer refrigerator work?

Almost all of you very much familiar with the refrigerators. Yes, indeed. The refrigerator is very much known as “fridge” also. It uses in almost every house in the world. It is used for various purposes like to preserve the food and other edible things to prevent from getting stale. To keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. To keep the water, cold drinks and others beverages cold and chilled. The prime purpose of the refrigerator is for the freezer. What do you say………? In today’s post, I’ll discuss, How does bottom freezer refrigerator work?

The working principle of the conventional refrigerator

From the invention to the till now, the conventional model of the refrigerators have freezers located at the top of it. Right…….? This is a very strong reason for this. Because according to the science when the freezer is located at the top and when the coolant starts to circulate across the freezer walls inside.

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The top air starts to get cool as compare to lower air, then according to the natural (science) law, the density of cold air is higher than hot air and because of this density difference, the cold air starts to flow from top to bottom in the form of convection rays and by this continuous air circulation the whole refrigerator becomes cool inside as the time progresses.

The working principle of the bottom freezer refrigerator

But nowadays if you used to watch television then you must have seen or at least heard about the new generation refrigerator in which the freezer is located at the bottom, known as lower (or bottom) door freezer refrigerator. So now you have confused that how is it possible.

Don’t get so much confused as I’m there for that. Let’s get straight to the point. There are so many advantages of lower door freezer refrigerator as compare to the conventional refrigerator. I’ll not discuss it here. I’ll just discuss the working principle of it. Because of the freezer located at the bottom of the lower door freezer refrigerator and the cold air must be circulated across the whole refrigerator inside.

But as I explained it earlier that convection rays can’t be formed due to the violation of natural (science) law. So we have to find some alternatives for that. Therefore, the inventor installed the air circulator fans across the wall of the refrigerator to circulate the air from bottom to top forcefully. Thus, the inventor managed to circulate the air circulation across in it and managed to cool the refrigerator.

So, I hope you would have understood the working principle of both types of refrigerators. If you still have any doubts left regarding this then feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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