GCam Mod: Unleash real power of your smartphone’s camera.
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GCam Mod: Unleash real power of your smartphone’s camera.

Are you a lover of photography who clicks tonnes of photos on a daily basis? How stupid I am, and what a silly question I am asking. Almost everyone nowadays shoots photos from their shooter (smartphones) and uploads and share them on the various social media platform. But what if I told that you can shoot way better photographs from your default built-in camera application provided by your phone manufacturers. If so, then you are reading the right article and this post is just for you. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Let me first clears your mind that many people think that to shoot the best image they must require the best smartphone. But I want to tell you that photography is all about creativity and perception of your mind. Being creative you can click the best photographs even from your average smartphone’s camera. Here I am not talking about creative photography but I am talking about the quality of the images taken by your smartphone.

Today I will tell you about an application which can do wonders to your images and give new dimensions and details to your images. This is just related to smartphone photography and nothing to do with other photography gadgets.

You must have heard about the Google Pixel smartphones, right. Pixels Phones are best known for their cameras and literally, the image qualities with them are the best in class but they are too expensive to own for an average person. Let me remind you that Google Pixel phones are manufactured under the hood of the biggest tech giant in the world i.e. Google. And we all know how good Google is in the technology.

But have you ever wondered how Pixel Phones are managed to capture eye soothing shots with a single camera whereas other smartphones struggle to do so? On the other hand, there are so many smartphones available in the market with triple(3) cameras, quad(4) cameras or even Penta(5) cameras set up, latest known. But Pixels Phones are managed to do a way better job than all of them with just a single camera.

Here is the secret about to be revealed, it manages just because of image processing algorithm used by the Pixel smartphones camera. It is a well-known fact that Google has the best software engineers community who deliver them.

Google Camera application is exclusive for Google Pixel smartphones and you can’t find them on the Google Play Store but here is the cache, because the Android is an Open Source Project so anyone can download their source code and modified them as per their own requirement.

Google Pixel. Image credit: Android

A big fat thanks and a bear hug to the developer Arnova8g2 and their community who provides GCam Mod a modified Google Camera for most of the popular smartphones available in the market. You can check-in the XDA-Forum for your respective smartphone’s forum or you can try his official community link here.

But your smartphone must support cameraHAL3 for that, this is the only and the necessary requirement otherwise nothing can be done. By the way, nowadays all the leading OEM manufacturers enabled the camera2api by default. You can also check it by just installing an application called Camera2API Probe from the Google Play Store. If your smartphone supports it, it will look something like that.

Camera HAL3 support dialog box if supported.
Camera HAL3 support dialog box if supported2.

If it is not enabled by default there are some other ways to use GCam Mod, like you can enable camera2api manually using adb commands via computer. For doing this, Developer Option should be enabled on your Android smartphone and you should have some knowledge about adb commands to execute it. The other way is by installing Custom ROMs but I will highly recommend not to do so because Custom ROMs are only for advanced users and many security risks involved in it. You can check more about custom ROMs here.

GCam Mod also provides some unique features like you can shoot the images in RAW format to unleash the real power of your smartphone’s camera. I know most of the people don’t know about it but who knows that they already know the advantages of RAW format over JPG or JPEG.

GCam settings panel

It also provides Google Lens feature built-in with the app. It has also portrait mode so you can click great portrait shots with a blurry background. It also has a night mode feature so you can shoot well-exposed images even in low light.

You can also shoot 360 degrees image which is also an exclusive feature of Google Camera. Once you have installed GCam Mod on your smartphone, then just play with the settings and tweak it as you like. Then you will be able to get some crisp, clear and detailed photos via your smartphone surely.

So just go and install GCam Mod on your smartphone and show some creativity and unleash your smartphone’s camera power.

GCam Mod portrait option

So that’s it for today guys. Did you enjoy reading this article? If so, then please share it. If you have any suggestions and queries related to the post, let me know in the comment section below. Please do like and share this post to your near and dear ones to explore the knowledge you must know.

Thank you.

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