Does overnight charging affect smartphone’s battery?-Myth buster series-1

Does overnight charging affect smartphone’s battery?-Myth buster series-1

The technology and phones both have evolved so much in a short span of period. Phones have become smart enough and still getting smarter day by day, therefore called smartphone nowadays. But unfortunately, having so much evolution there are still so many common myths related to smartphone still exist, like overnight charging affect smartphone’s battery and may explode and a lot of people still believe in that. So I’m here to throw some light on that and try to explain the science behind it. I started a series for this to erupt those myths, So let’s get started.

Does overnight charging affect smartphone’s battery really?

The first and a very common myth among the people about smartphones and so many people still believe that the overnight charging of the smartphone’s battery harm the battery and can explode too. Yes, this is very common and one of the most popular myths around the smartphone users. As I said earlier that phones have evolved a lot and this happened to their battery as well. So once you forget to disconnect the charger in the night and your smartphone tangled in with the charger overnight. Then there is no problem at all and your smartphone will remain safe and your’s phone will not explode too. So take a chill pill.

How does charging work in a smartphone?

Here is the science behind that. When you plugged your phone, your phone’s battery starts charging. Nowadays the smartphone uses Lithium Ions batteries and Lithium polymer batteries. Your smartphone charges their battery smartly means when your phone has a very low battery it charges at the higher rate but as the battery charges time to time, it starts to decrease the current rate as the battery charges and this process goes until it charged fully. Once it charged fully your smartphone stops the current flow, so your battery doesn’t charge after it charges fully. So plugging it overnight might not bee an issue at all.

Things should keep in mind.

  • Don’t do it on regular basis. You can save some energy.
  • Always use authorized battery and charger otherwise it can explode really.
  • Avoid using your phone while charging.
  • Too much heating harm the battery, So maintain the battery’s temperature.

So I think now your myth related to the charging has erupted completely. But still, you have any doubt related to it then please comment in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more information and myths related to smartphones.


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