Do snakes have ears? Can they hear what we speak?

Do snakes have ears? Can they hear what we speak?

Did you ever wonder that where are the snake’s ears or they do have it or not? There’s been also a very common myth around the people that snakes are deaf. Scientists have struggled a lot to understand how snakes hear or sense sounds. After doing a lot of research they have solved the puzzle and come up with a logical explanation, do snakes have ears and can they hear songs and what we speak? So don’t waste any more time further let’s reveal the truth and know the logical explanation.

How do we hear?

Before understanding this you have to first understand that how we (the humans) hear? Humans have a pair of inner ear structure located in the skull with many sensory organs in their body, they have a pair of eardrum on the external part of the skull as well.

You know that when the mechanical waves (sound waves) travel and incident on the eardrum of your ear which causes the movement of tiny bones and vibrations of tiny hair cells in the inner structure of the ear. Then these vibrations are translated into nerve impulses that travel to the brain. That’s how we are able to hear the sound and music.

How do snakes hear?

Snakes have fully formed inner ear structures but they don’t have an eardrum. Instead, their inner ear is connected directly to their jawbone, which rests on the ground as they slither. So they sense the vibration through the ground and then respond against it. When the sound travels in the air it produces the vibration on the ground too, so the snake senses it. We also know that snakes have some special sense organs in their skin and their head too that likely react to vibrations. And we have a lot of evidence that they detect vibration along the length of their body. This law applies to the other similar kind of creatures like the frog and many more.

There exist more than 2000+ types of species of this beautiful reptile so it’s not possible to do research on all types of species. By the so far research done you can say that the all species do not have the same sense of ability. Some can sense low-frequency vibrations and some do not. But by all the evidence you can say that they can sense the sound in the form of vibration but they sense it quite differently from the homo sapience (human), so they definitely can’t understand the songs and the words of our speech as we do.

So the bottom line is that the snakes are not deaf and they have ears too, not like ours. So next time be careful when you have a secret conversation, please check around you that whether some snake can hear your secret conversation. Haa……….haa………..haa………..

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