Do I really need to install antivirus on my smartphone?

Do I really need to install antivirus on my smartphone?

This is a very common question and comes back to you frequently like a boomerang. Its been a talk of the town always that Do I really need to install antivirus on my smartphone? When you buy your first smartphone the first app strike to your mind is an Antivirus, Isn’t it?

Everybody needs to be secure from the malware and security threats, that’s why you go straight to the app store on your smartphone and search for an antivirus software and install it. And you generally think that now your smartphone has turned into a knight and will fight the battle. But here comes the twist in the scene that should you really need an antivirus on your smartphone?

Well, the answer is pretty much straight and surprise you but it’s genuinely true. First of all, you don’t need to install any type of antivirus on your smartphone because it doesn’t need it actually. Android and iOS these are the two leading operating system in the smartphones market and ruling the world.

Smartphone’s OS have already included and also provide the updates and security patches against the latest threats in your phones regularly. So, in actual you don’t need to install any extra software for the operation which already has been included.

What does an antivirus do?

Actually, antivirus slows down your smartphone because of constantly running in the background. It also juices your smartphone battery as hell and your battery drains very fast and frequently. It also makes a huge impact on the performance of your smartphone and your phone hangs and lags like a hell too. But that doesn’t mean that antivirus doesn’t protect from viruses and threats. They do but your smartphone has already that feature built in. So two recruiters for the same task doesn’t make any sense.

So shouldn’t I install an antivirus?

I never say so, You don’t need an antivirus until you have a latest OS and security updates installed on your smartphone. Generally, smartphone manufacturers provide updates to your flagship phones on regular basis, so you don’t need to install an antivirus program on it at least by now. But the low end and mid-range smartphones don’t feel lucky as flagships generally. Most manufacturers probably ditch their low end and mid-range devices and don’t provide latest updates regularly as flagships.

So the users of those devices have to install an antivirus software to protect their smartphones from viruses and potential threats. They have to sacrifice performance and battery of their smartphone on behalf of security.

So, guys, I think now you have got the answer to the most common question and have cleared all doubts regarding this question. If you still have any question then please ask in the comment section.


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