Chrome flags-A key to give Chrome browser new life.

Chrome flags-A key to give Chrome browser new life.

Who knows about the Chrome flags? Very few, Right? But almost everyone who uses the internet knows about the Chrome browser and must have been used it on the PCs, laptops etc. and on your smartphones as well whether its iOS or Android. Google Chrome by the tech giant Google, is the most popular browser currently in the world no doubt about that.

There are other popular browsers also available on the internet like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer(almost dead) and Microsoft Edge and many more. But frankly speaking, none of the mentioned browsers can beat the Chrome. Google Chrome is the fastest browser available as of now on the various platforms.

Today I will discuss the most powerful hidden feature of the Chrome browser, which is unknown to most of the internet users. Chrome browser has so many advanced features hidden under the hood and can be accessed by any user with some precautions, but once you use it, you will find that you have a master key to resurrect it.

So don’t waste any further time let’s get started.

Chrome flags: A key to give Chrome browser a new life

The feature I’m talking about is Chrome flags. Chrome flags have tons of hidden feature inside it which by default is not enabled because of to maintain its speed and stability. But who wants to explore the Chrome to the next level then this feature is just for you.

How can I access Chrome flags?

You can access the chrome flags by typing chrome://flags in the address bar of the Chrome browser. Here I will provide you with a complete guide to access it and enable a feature called modern design on Android.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your Android.

Step 2: Type chrome://flags in the address bar. Now you will find tons of options.

Step 3: Search the option chrome modern design and enable it. You have to relaunch the Chrome browser to apply the change. You have to kill the browser from the recent and open it again.

Voila, now you successfully enable the modern design of your Chrome browser. You have to relaunch the browser every time when you will change any setting further.

You can play with the chrome flags options and enable as many as features you can but please be careful because enabling too many features can crash your browser so be careful and enable only those features which can be beneficial by any means.

But still, if you feel any problem with the new settings and want to go back to early condition, you just have to click the reset all to default button and voila.

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