5G: The next iteration of high-speed wireless communication

Which type of wireless technology are you using for the communication and the internet? Are you using the latest 4G(LTE), or you are still using 3G or maybe 2G. A big thanks to JIO to provide high-speed wireless communication in India at a very cheap rate. In this article, I’ll discuss the next iteration of wireless communication i.e. 5G which would be deployed in India by 2020. So without any further ado, let’s get started. (more…)

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What is an eSIM? How it will change the future of communication devices?

Well if you have seen the period of last one or two decade, then you must familiar with the SIM card. Don’t you? Almost everyone in today’s world uses the SIM card in their mobile devices. But soon that SIM card will be extinct and eSIM will take it’s place. So without any further ado, let’s get started. (more…)

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Is Hockey is the national game of India?

Let me ask you some simple and common questions. It’s rapid-fire, So keep tight.¬†Please bear with me. Haa…haa…

  • What is the national bird of India? Readers: “Peacock” of course.
  • What is the national anthem of India? Reader: It’s “Jana Gana Mana…”.
  • What is the national animal of India? Readers: “Tiger”. So easy.
  • What is the national flower of India? Readers: How easy it is. It’s “Lotus”.
  • Last one. What is the national game of India? Readers: It’s also straight and easy. It’s “Hockey” of course. Isn’t it? No. What…? Are you kidding me…? No, I’m not. You heard it right. Hockey is not our national game.


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