The height of foolishness!

Today’s article will be different from the previous ones but it has a lot of knowledge and science involved. Its gonna be a little bit lengthy, so enjoy it with a cup of coffee. In today’s post, we will discuss height of foolishness! So don’t waste any time further, let’s get started.

You are so smart!

How smart are you? How stupid I’m. What a silly or stupid question I’m asking. Of course, you are so smart and intelligent and no one can make you fool. Right…….? Wait…..wait…….. (more…)

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Do snakes have ears? Can they hear what we speak?

Did you ever wonder that where are the snake’s ears or they do have it or not? There’s been also a very common myth around the people that snakes are deaf. Scientists have struggled a lot to understand how snakes hear or sense sounds. After doing a lot of research they have solved the puzzle and come up with a logical explanation, do snakes have ears and can they hear songs and what we speak? So don’t waste any more time further let’s reveal the truth and know the logical explanation. (more…)

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