5 movies you must watch to widen your perception.

We all must love watching movies. Who wouldn’t? In a sense, movies are the parallel universe for us, in which we immerse ourselves in it and think an do virtually which we can’t do in the real world. Some great movies force us to think beyond the limitations and open our perception of the world. If you want to know some that kind of movies then stay with me. In this post, I will discuss 5 movies you must watch to widen your perception. Let’s get started.


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MCU vs DCEU (or DCU)? Who is your favorite cinematic universe and why?

Well, how many people aware of the term MCU and DCU or MCU vs DCEU (or DCU). How silly question I’m asking! Almost every one of the new generation guys and some cinema geeks too for whom age factor doesn’t matter will definitely familiar with the above term, which I’m gonna talk about. So let’s start the discussion without any further delay and suspense. (more…)

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