The Knuckleball: The emerging nightmare to the batsman.

As the game of Cricket is evolving drastically day by day, surprising and amazing shots come out on the cricket field now and then. With this new transformation, cricket is becoming more popular in many countries, especially in India. But from the baller’s point of view, it’s going to be a perfect graveyard for the ballers. But within a year, a new weapon has come in the baller’s armory to survive from batsman’s slaughter and bringing him back to the dug. In this article, I will discuss this popular weapon called “Knuckleball”. So let’s get started. (more…)

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What is reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from conventional swing?

What is the reverse swing in cricket? How does it differ from the conventional swing? How many of you people used to play and watch cricket? How stupid I’m. In India cricket is a kind of religion. And almost everybody uses to love watching cricket whether he played it or not in his entire life. (more…)

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