Calculate energy consumption & cost of your house.

Calculate energy consumption & cost of your house.

You must be paid the electricity bill of your house at least once in your life. Of course, you did for sure. You must realize that your electricity bill’s cost fluctuates every month. Sometimes it costs more than your previous bill and sometimes less. But did you ever think that how the power consumption of your house calculated? If you already know it then great, but if you don’t know it, then it is very simple and you can easily calculate or forecast your next due amount. So don’t waste any time further, let’s get started.

The basics behind the calculation

There is some basic science involved in the calculation, Of course, no doubt. Let’s head towards the basics. Electricity is another form of energy. So you have to calculate the energy consumption to know the due amount except fixed charges of your meter. You can easily monitor it on the display of your electricity meter as well. But I will tell you that how can someone calculate that.

Electricity meter display(analog type)

For calculation of the electricity consumption by any particular home appliances i.e. T.V, fan, A.C, mixer-grinder etc. You just need three things.

  • Operated Power of the appliance (you can find it on the manual guide or description printed on the box)
  • Operated time (in hours)
  • Operated days (30 days generally)

Generally, the energy consumption calculated in kiloWatt-Hour (popularly known as Unit). So the formula used for the calculation is:

Energy consumption(in kiloWatt-Hour)=Power(in Watt)×Time(in Hours)×Days(30 days)÷1000

That’s it, you just need this formula and you can calculate the energy consumption by any electrical appliances.

Understand by an example

Suppose, there are five bulbs, two fans, one television, one A.C and one Water Pump in your house. Three bulbs of 7 Watt each operated for 12 hours and other two of 5 Watt each operated for 8 hours respectively. Both 200 Watt fan operated for 8 hours, T.V of 250 Watt operated for 8 hours, AC of 1 kW(1000 Watt) operated for 8 hours and Water Pump of 1 H.P (746 Watt) operated for 1 hour. If the per unit cost of energy consumption is 5 Rs(approx), then calculate the Energy cost for 1 month(30 days).


  • For bulbs

Energy consumption by 3 bulbs=3(no. of bulbs)×7×12×30÷1000=7.56 Unit

Energy consumption by 2 bulbs=2(no. of bulbs)×5×8×30÷1000=2.40 Unit

  • For fans

Energy consumption=2(no. of fans)×200×12×30÷1000=96 Unit

  • For television

Energy consumption=250×8×30÷1000=60 Unit

  • For A.C

Energy consumption=1000×8×30÷1000=240 Unit

  • For water pump

Energy consumption=746×1×30÷1000=22.38 Unit

Total energy consumption=7.56+2.40+96+60+240+22.38=428.34 Unit

Cost of energy consumption=428.34×5= 2141.70 Rs

Important note:

  • Unit cost varies according to the state and city, please check it with your service provider. I just took the approx cost for example.
  • Energy consumption also depends on various factors so your calculated cost may vary to the original due amount.
  • Save energy, save money.

So, I hope you have understood it. So please share it with your friends and relatives, so they could also understand it. But if there is still any doubt left regarding this then you can ask in the comment section below.


Thank you.


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