A short description about me in a line is “I’m just a simple guy who is evolving continuously.”

My name is Anil Kashyap and I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur in the year 2012.

Anil Kashyap

I topped my 10th standard from St. Francis Xavier’s Inter College, Kanpur for which I was awarded by the former Indian Cricket Captain Mr. Rahul Dravid and one of the greatest fielder Md. Kaif, this is the greatest achievement of my life as I got the award by my one of the ideal till and completed my 10+2 standard from Chacha Nehru Smarak Inter College, Kanpur.

Getting the award from Md.Kaif & Rahul Dravid

I always try to explore myself and do whatever I want to do say for example I do some technical pieces of stuff at XDA-developers forum personally for my android device. I’ve some skills in software like photoshop, professional video editing, sound mixing and much more because I’m a technology geek. I’ve also some skills in sketching and painting.

I don’t have a particular hobby but I always try to give some hand in every stuff as I’m trying to evolve. I can’t live with doing a particular stuff for my whole life.

A life-changing moment happened in my life when I’ve diagnosed by Quadrigeminal Cistern in my brain in the year 2012. I can’t walk properly so I can’t go outside to do a job that’s why I have to stay at home. So right through from 2012 I’m teaching 9th to 12th, you can say professionally but I also help those who seek help in any subject or in any class e.g. Polytechnic, B.Tech, I.I.T J.E.E.

My wishes

Everyone has many wishes so I have also a huge list but I have some top on the list besides the basic need of course.

  • Actually, it’s not only a wish but a dream that I could contribute my skills and knowledge to the education system by any means, because I know I can contribute something special. Teaching is my elixir and I love it and will always be. My teaching method is not the typical method like with a stick in one hand and screams on students. Those who have been already taught by me they know and they are doing great now.
  • To be the witness for a live cricket match as I’m a great cricket enthusiast.
  • To have a Mac Machines e.g. iPhone and MacBook or Mac computers.
  • Will keep updating.


In the meantime, I also do that above-mentioned stuff and I have just started a couple of blogs (Seen Through Astral and Knowledge Importer) where I try to improve my writing and perspective skills of course and also share my knowledge and information, whatever I have but I will also try to dispel the darkness from you. This was a short description of my life.

Keep learning and keep teaching.

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